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How to add 'Custom Objects'

myBanquet allows you to expand and add your custom objects (tables, trees, pools, walls, etc). You can either download objects from our Website or  create your own library. If you are creating your own objects, these are some suggested sizes:


Width:90 pixels Height:90 pixels

Width: 260 pixels Height: 185 pixels

Width: 80 pixels Height: 80 pixels

Once you have your images, please follow these simple steps to add them to your myBanquet catalog:

1. On your iPad, using your browser, open and go to the downloads section. You can do it from your PC/Mac too (maybe a faster method), just download the images you need and email them to your iPad. If you created your own images, just email them to your iPad.

2. Once the images are on the browser or email, just tap and hold the image until the 'Save Image' pops up. The image will be stored in your Photos app. 

3. Go to myBanquet, open any banquet and under the Objects menu ('plus' icon at the bottom of the screen), go to 'Custom Objects' and tap the 'plus' icon.

4. Select a picture by tapping 'Add Picture', name it, turn the 'table switch' on if it is a table and input the number of seats. Once it is stored in myBanquet you don't need the picture anymore in the Photos app, so feel free to delete it.

Now you can create different themes, mix table shapes and colors, etc. It is up to your imagination!