When will myBanquet be available ?

myBanquet is now available on the App Store.

Is there an iPhone or iPod version ?

No. We decided to create an application where users can design their own layout and the iPad provides the best screen real-state to do so. iPhone and iPod are just too small for what we need.

What is the minimum required version of iOS ?

myBanquet runs on iOS 5.0 and up.

Do I have to enter the Contacts into the iPad or can I do a bulk upload ?

You can enter them using your iPad, but unless you have the iPad keyboard, it will take you a while. You can use your favorite spreadsheet and export the data into a CSV file. Click here to learn how to do it. You can also connect myBanquet to your Facebook account and download all the contacts.

Can I share my banquets with other users ?

Yes, you can share your banquets by exporting and sending them as attachments. You can also keep these files as back ups. Other users can choose between uploading only the Banquet layout or include the guest list. Click here to see how it works.

I can't find the right type of table

myBanquet is expandable, you can design your own objects (tables, trees, ponds, pools, etc) and add them to the App. See some examples on our Downloads section. 

Can I change the banquet background?

Yes, the App has some pre-defined textures and colors but you can create your own backgrounds and use them in your banquets.

Can I use myBanquet at the Reception ?

Yes, you can let your guests find their own table by using the 'Table Finder'. Guests and/or Wedding Coordinators can use it to find a table by typing the invitee's name. It also shows the Banquet layout as a visual reference. Click here to see some screenshots.
You can also check your guests in at the entrance using the "Check-in" option.