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Favorite App 
by maitama on Monday, June 25 2012 version 1.77 (Country: USA)
I've gone through so many event planning apps and seems like this is the best for me!
Very helpful! 
by Dripps on Tuesday, January 10 2012 version 1.76  (Country: USA) 
I'm using this app to help keep track of the invite list and set up our seating at my daughter's upcoming Sweet 16 party. I was able to import my list and get up and running in no time. I had a few issues and questions and the developer got back to me immediately. Highly recommend!
Couldn't get married without this app! 
by Hot iPhone on Wednesday, November 09 2011 version 1.74 (Country: Singapur)
Been heavily dependent on this app and saved a lot of time on managing RSVP and seating arrangement. Excellent support staff too! Will definitely recommend.
My Banquet 
by BetsiB on May 16, 2011 version 1.6 (Country: USA)
I loved this app. I spent a whole evening trying to download and use free software and met with nothing but frustration--and then thought I should check to see if there was an app. The instructions were so easy and clear and importing the guest list was a breeze. After that, it took about 10 minutes to do the seating arrangement for my daughter's wedding reception. I was thrilled to be able to email the table layout and the list of invitees at each table to the bride right away. This is an app that makes life so much easier--and made me ever so happy to own an iPad!!

Great app! 
by Acoushawk on Mar 19, 2011 version 1.4 (Country: USA)
This is a must have app if you are planning a dinner for a wedding reception or something similar. Been a great help in planning our wedding and the developer was amazing at responding to feedback and updating the software. Best app I have used for the iPad thus far!

Don't know what I'd have done without it! 
by James Clarke on 24-May-2011 version 1.6 (Country: United Kingdom)
This app really is a must-have for anybody throwing a big party, or in our case a wedding reception. Does away with a billion sheets of paper, and makes recording RSVPs and working out table plans an a helluva lot easier. Could do with the ability to import invitees from iPad contacts, the ability to draw floor plans to scale, and the ability to add new people to a table when some have RSVP'd "no"; but all in all a great little app. Beaut.

Just a breeze 
by Legendary Lee on 04-May-2011 version 1.5 (Country: Australia)
I have always wondered why is it that the functions planners make so difficult whenever they come around with a catchy plan for ones function and make all the fuss about not being able to move things around when one dose ask them! Until I came across this app. Armed with this great app I am a one function planner specially that I get given lots of functions to plan... Since obtaining this app I have so far planned successfully a wedding of 400 guests (cutting down $5000 for a very close friend of mine who believed in our friendship and the app) the wedding turned out FABULOUS! By all means. The set up, guests lists, table seatings...etc...
Definitely, I recumbent this app to any DIY person who needs to see his/her creativity manifest...

very good 
by hazoom yosi on 17-Jun-2011 version 1.6.2 (Country: Israel)
The mybanquet is very useful apps that helps you control big or small party wedding list.
it very friendly and it easy to us and learn very past.
you are in control all time with the guest list and can change it all the time easily.
i have some problem with hebrew and the support team help me and solve it 
past and kindly until everything work well

by LULIcherna on 09-Mar-2011 version 1.3 (Country: Argentina)
I get my guests in my marriage with this application ipad and helped me a lot! 
Also I had many questions and were soon settled by the seller. 
Very happy!