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At the top right corner of your Design screen, there is a Reports button. All the reports are generated as emails (* myBanquet 2.0 offers the option to view/print the reports as PDF). The Application can generate 10 reports.

Invitee List

This report lists all the invitees regardless of their confirmation status. The list is sorted alphabetically. This report makes it easier for guests to locate their tables. 

- Invitee List in HTML format-

Table List

This report gives the planner a better view on who is sitting where.

- Table List report in PDF format -

Not Seated

This report shows all the guests who do not have a seat assigned yet.

Not confirmed List

This report shows all the guests who have not confirmed yet. 

Confirmed List

Similar to the above list, but these guys are the ones getting dessert.

Email Layout

This option generates a screenshot of the layout. It is nice to have a print out and be able to work on the details.


This option shows a brief summary of number of invitees, tables, confirmations, etc.